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My guild got quiet the last month and I’m sad. Now everybody is playing Arch Age. Sadness! Well, more like I think they are waiting in the queue. 

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This needs to stop like immediately. This is literally 50% of the players in this even are Commanders and the same tag nonetheless.
 -disapproving scowl-

well I mean it doesn’t really matter with world bosses. People know what they’re doing. And in WvW, at least on my server, it’s only one or two, like it’s supposed to be.

We had like 70 red tags at Jormag earlier and they were all joking about it and it made farming a lot more fun.

I agree with you about the “the players know what to do” thing BUT the mapchat doesn’t.

I’m a commander myself and most of the time I just tagged up so people would shut up crying that we “CAN NEVER EVER DEFEAT WORLDBOSS XY” without 157464 commanders around.

It’s like the good old times back in GW1 where noone ever started a mission without a second monk, even if that means spending hours of “NEED 1 MONK THAN GO!” spamming in the chat.

(We made most of the missions with heroes or henchies btw…  and almost never failed because of them.)

But yeah… btt I really think this is annoying as shit. I’m not even sure what A-net could do to handle this. Maximun of active Commanders? But I guess that would just lead to ppl tagging up for fame while the ones that really know how to command can not.

Yesterday I was in WvW and we had about three solo commanders on Eternal Battlegrounds which made it hard to find the one that was running the zerg. It was complete bullshit and I wish something could be done about it.

I joked about getting a commander tag just to sit in Black Citadel, but I’ve used it in PvE to help guide people to Plinx in CS and stuff like that. Of course we get the idiot with a tag up standing around idle for no reason, wasting people’s time and WP money.

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You’ve never seen them like this before. Mind blown!

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A few panels from my webcomic Anaria. You can read it at ! It is updated every Friday. 

Some panels from my webcomic. Please check it out! There are 8 pages up so far. 

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A quick sketch I drew of my new asura ranger, Misty. Even though I’m really busy I couldn’t help myself. XD

A quick sketch I drew of my new asura ranger, Misty. Even though I’m really busy I couldn’t help myself. XD

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I made Gift of Metal tonight so all I have left to get is random T6 mats, 81 Icy Runestones, 240 ectos, obsidian shards, and the worst of all, Dusk. I’m surprised I’ve gotten this far! Of course I got help from friends. It always makes it funner to me. 

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I made this little cutie. Her name is Ranger Misty. I’ll probably wait a week or two until they patch the game to level her more, but I haven’t had as much complaints as other people about the new leveling system. I pretty much just explored to get to level 10. I did like the changes they made to some of the hearts in the starting asura zone. My only real complaint was only having one weapon ability to start since it takes out most of the purpose and fun out of the starting instance. But that’s my only real nitpick. I love a lot of the class changes, and I love the new crafting interface. The ability to make nice backpacks for cheap is really cool, too. 

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It is important, we do not have such leaves here in Florida, well.. parts of Tallahassee does.

I feel that fall leaves should be brought over just so cats can play in them

I feel this is a thing that should be done…

I love this mee-maow. <3

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I hope people have seen this. I dont even know its origin or anything or hell what to really tag it as but I saw it on facebook via a cosplayer page. Its definitely worth the watch

What the ungodly fuck

Hello Tumblr

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The second legendary is like the second child. People don’t get as excited. Right? Well, I’m trying to make Twilight. I’m at least excited since this is the greatsword I’ve wanted since I first saw it. Still not sure how I can even get Dusk but here is what I have so far. I’m at 0 ectos right now. XD Uhg. I’m slowly grinding karma to get enough obsidian shards. I do at least have Gift of Darkness done and out of the way.