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Skir got me this beautiful outfit for my birthday. Naiya is ready for the Halloween update! 

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Normally I take bug reports seriously, but this time I sent Anet a bug report telling them that this asura’s eyes were giving me nightmares and that I was sending them my therapy bills. They were constantly falling out of his head. Bobblehead for maximum detail. 

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Unless they take out waypoints there’s no reason for mounts in GW2. I’m sorry, everyone.

There may not be any reason for *you* to want a mount, but there are reasons.





…just to name a few.

And I’m sorry,…

The whole thing about asura being greedy bastards and charging exorbitant rates to use the gates makes no sense from a lore or business standpoint either.

If you want to argue lore to support this, the lore also says that the collective goal of the asura is to dominate the other races of Tyria. So why not do this by providing a service that people find useful?

Charge low rates, so low it puts your competitors out of businesses, because everyone would rather use gates and waypoints because it’s cheaper and less risky than taking the long way around. Make the people of Tyria dependent on the gates for everything. That’s one step to taking over the world, and it’s basic Business 101.

I want my wicked mount - a pink moa.

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another important vine

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I'm worried about you, and how much time you're spending in-game. When you were happy, you were very rarely in-game, because you were so busy in the real world. But now, you're back to playing the game for 50+ hours a week, and you're chasing 80s compulsively. I've asked you if you're ok, and you say you are, but something in my gut tells me that you're very, very far from ok.
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I’m about to drop some realness here. Warning: sad and depressing post incoming.

I got back into GW2 again around the time that I had been diagnosed with sciatica, which was around October of last year. At one point it would take me 20 minutes just to get out of bed in the morning because it hurt so bad just to move. I was told by a doctor that I basically couldn’t do any of the things I love, like running, hiking, biking, and weight lifting. I consider that time to be the lowest point in my life.

Playing GW2 was how I coped with it. The worse it got, the more I immersed myself into the game. As long as I didn’t move, I didn’t have to deal with as much of the pain. Because of this, I spent every free moment I had playing the game. I joined [FLUX] around this time and being around good people helped me feel like my life can still have some joy, even if the quality of my life was severely reduced, which was a bit bittersweet. I had gotten to the point where I had done all I feasibly could to improve my conditionDuring this time, no one in the guild knew about what I was going through; I was trying as hard as I could to avoid thinking about it, so I never talked about it. It took about 3 months before I started to see any improvement.

While having an obsession or addiction is not healthy, it definitely beats suffering in silence while your world collapses around you. If you confront someone about such a thing, you’re only going to alienate them. You might think it’s wrong for them to be spending so much time in-game, but obviously this is important to them for one reason or another. You can’t tell someone how to live their lives if you don’t know their story. Even if you think you do, you should respect their wishes, even if you don’t agree with them.

It might be better to focus not on what the problem is, but rather on doing what you can to be a good person. Invite them to do stuff with you in-game. Send them funny and awesome things you find on the internet. Be supportive toward them. If they want space to do their own thing, you tell them to go and be a freebird.

I can relate to this. About the time I picked up gw2 in 2013 my dad passed away due to alcohol and depression. He was the one that was supporting me since my mom died about 10 years prior. This caused me to spiral into a depression that I had never experienced before in my lifetime, to the point where it caused me to drop out of college and cut contact with literally everyone in my life.

At around this time I had met Kaz and he convinced Vae and I to make tumblrs and blog about Guild Wars. Since then, it gave me an opportunity to meet some wonderful people on the game, as well as experience some awesome events this game (and its community) has offered. It has also given me the motivation to continue with art and make that my career in life. 

While playing it as much as I did that summer and sinking a bit too much rl money into it might not have been a good thing, Guild Wars 2 gave me something that I wasn’t able to have after my dad passed away: a distraction, and something to look forward to. And no matter what happens to the game itself, I’ll always respect it and love it for the happiness it has given me. 

I really don’t want to open up my scar again to tell my story except GW2 helped me out of a dark place. I was in a really abusive and fucked up situation that I have since gone to a ton of therapy for, but GW2 helped me not want to kill myself while I was trying to regain my fight and self worth. Things are a lot better now, but it was pretty dark for a long time. 

I think the things that were so nice about GW2 for me was the world, the lore, and being able to freely explore without quests. The fact that you are encouraged to help other players with things such as everybody can res downed players and no kill stealing or anything. As much as people say mapchat is toxic, it’s NOTHING like other MMO’s. I also love the tumblr people and when I find you all on art sites or twitter everybody has been so nice. 

The devs have also been total gems. XD Anyway. I can gush forever but yeah, I’m glad we all had this game when we needed it most. 

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It’s October! Black cats are often associated with being spooky, but this means they have a negative stereotype associated with them.

Some people take the color of the cat into heavy consideration when looking for a new companion. This also goes for dogs! It’s a sad fact that black dogs and cats have a hard time finding homes.

To celebrate the awesomeness of black kitties, we would like to do a little showcase of black adoptable kitties! We also want to adopt to some shelters that are taking care of black kitties!
If you would like to nominate a kitty, please reblog with a link, or email us at

Want to find a black cat to show us? Try !

<3 Thank you!

I have a black cat and she is the most precious kitty ever. I named her Rox (and yes, she does have big, green eyes!) Once an older lady said I was “brave” for having a black cat and I got mad. It’s just a negative stereotype brought on by a religion I don’t even belong to. I got her from Purrfect Pals in WA. She purred when we held her and licked my hand when I put her down and mewed at me. Fortunately my boyfriend let me take her home. XD She helped me during a really rough time for me. 

So yeah… adopt a black kitty! Mine is the sweetest ever. 

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LOL!! I almost have all of Twilight finished except for the precursor and some of the gift of fortune. I might have enough gold for Dusk by February&#8230; but also by then it&#8217;ll probably be 2000g. 
On the other hand I&#8217;m getting more exotic and rare drops lately so maybe I hit some random magic GW2 button that might get me a good drop. 

LOL!! I almost have all of Twilight finished except for the precursor and some of the gift of fortune. I might have enough gold for Dusk by February… but also by then it’ll probably be 2000g. 

On the other hand I’m getting more exotic and rare drops lately so maybe I hit some random magic GW2 button that might get me a good drop. 

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photos by anderw milligan of an eleven week old cub playing in a pile of autumn leaves at the blair drummond safari park in stirling

It’s autumn. Time to reblog this photoset again!

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